Fight Drug & Alcohol Addiction from Home

Fight Drug & Alcohol Addiction From Home

Live Rehab helps people with recovery and sobriety

Join over 2,102 students who have already taken charge of their  drug or alcohol addictions ?

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Online, Self-Paced Recovery & Sobriety

Beat drug / alcohol addiction from home with 13+ courses built to support your recovery. More than 120 lectures with 20+ hours of live video. Printable certificates of completion, achievements and more.

Learn How to Overcome Your Addiction With Exclusive Content

Access to our private, exclusive Facebook group as well as tons of extra resources such as eBooks, guides and more that you can use to jump-start your recovery.

Go Way Beyond Traditional Recovery and Rehab With Mastermind Sessions

Join us as we deep-dive into recovery focused training sessions. Battle-tested, field approved tips and tricks to help you succeed!