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Beat addiction from home with 13+ courses built to support your recovery. More than 120 lectures with 20+ hours of live video. Printable certificates of completion, achievements and more.

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Every month join a deep-dive recovery focused training session. Some of this information is new and some of it is battle-tested, field approved tips and tricks.

Ask Any Question About Rehab - Privately and Confidentially 24x7
Ask any question you have about recovery and addiction, health, wellness or anything related to the community. We’ll also be moderating the questions and pointing out resources that can help. 

Learn to Overcome Your Addiction With Exclusive Content
Access to our private, exclusive Facebook group as well as tons of extra resources such as eBooks, guides and more that you can use to jump-start your recovery.

​20+ Addiction and Recovery Courses

​Over 120 lectures with ​20+ hours of​ video, certificates of completion and more.

Monthly Mastermind

Every month we'll do deep-dive recovery focused training sessions.

​Ask Live Rehab

​A​sk any question you have about recovery and addiction, health, wellness or anything related to the community.

​eBooks, Guide, Resources and more

​​A complete library full of extra resources to help you through your recovery and sobriety.

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"I'm so excited to help you along on your recovery & sobriety journey"

Denise Roberts, MS

Addiction & Recovery Expert

Founder - Sobriety Success

It has been a truly invaluable experience for me. I have learnt so much information from all of Live Rehab's information and guidance throughout each aspect of addiction. 

Dr. Monica Watts
American Board Certified Naturopathic Practitioner & Certified Brain Fitness Coach

20 Recovery Courses Inside Including...​​​

Stop Drinking Alcohol – Get Sober From Home

​Break Free from your Opioid Addiction

​30 Day Drug and Alcohol

​Quit Smoking Now –
Kick Nicotine

​Cure Your Porn Addiction - For Good!

​Eating Well for Recovery

​Kick Social Media Addiction

Plus 7 more!

Over 20 hours of video training!