Start ​Your Smart ​Journey to Recovery​

​The only online tool that helps you obtain sobriety from home

Your Special LTD Plan Includes:

13+ Addiction and Recovery Courses

Drug and alcohol recovery courses including alcohol, porn, video games and more. Features more than 120 lectures with 20+ hours of live video and printable certificates of completion  

Monthly Mastermind

Every month we'll do a deep-dive recovery focused training session. Some of this information is new and some of it is battle-tested, field approved tips and tricks.

​Ask Live Rehab

​Ask LiveRehab allows you to ask any question you have about recovery and addiction, health, wellness or anything related to the community. We’ll also be moderating the questions and pointing out resources that can help. 

​eBooks, Guide, Resources and more

​We've built a complete library full of extra resources to help you through your recovery and sobriety. Access any resource you need - 24x7.

Start Your ​Plan

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We only ask for your first or last name in order to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

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